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In 1938, our grandfather, Ubaldo, opened the Baldi grappa distillery in Valsugana. Since then, our family’s history has been closely intertwined with the world of wine.

After World War II, our father added a commercial activity of selling alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages alongside the distillery. Among them, Prosecco was, of course, included, and over the years, its admirers multiplied. The experience and passion accumulated in this field gave us the momentum to fulfill our dream: the production of our own Prosecco DOCG.

Our first vineyard on the hills of Conegliano was the first step in a long journey that has established us as responsible producers of quality wines. Today, our company exclusively produces certified DOCG Prosecco, which is organic and vegan-friendly.


Since the time of Pliny the Elder, a historian of Ancient Rome, the Glera grape has been celebrated for its ability to give wines with unmistakable fruity and floral notes, dating back 2,000 years.

The tradition of Prosecco has come down to us as a guarantee of Italian quality recognized worldwide, finding one of its most prestigious expressions in the Conegliano-Valdobbiadene area, where history and nature converge along the Prosecco Wine Road, creating an unforgettable atmosphere.

It is here, in this location, that our estate is situated, renovated and adapted to modern needs while maintaining a perpetual connection with its past heritage. This is where our retail store is located, and it is also where we conduct tastings.

Our philosophy:
nature and excellence.

Prosecco Baldi is born from a deep respect for the natural environment, practicing viticulture in harmony with the unique ecosystem of the hills of Conegliano Valdobbiadene, a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2019.

We do not use chemical substances. Nutrition is carried out through green manure and natural methods, mowing is done mechanically, and inter-row cultivation is practiced by opening and closing the soil, completely avoiding treatments with substances of animal origin and the use of chemical desiccants. Harvesting is strictly done by hand.

In addition to these considerations, we have an obsession for details, a meticulous selection of the best grape clusters, and a craftsmanship approach to production, following an extremely rigorous selection process aimed at excellence.


The Baldi family has been actively involved in the production and trade of wine products for three generations. The two elder brothers of this generation, Ubaldo and Fabiano, founded Azienda Agricola Baldi in 2005, bringing Prosecco Superiore DOCG to tables throughout Italy and abroad. The youngest brother, Massimo, manages ENOVALSUGANA, a retail and wholesale wine shop that has become a reference point in Trentino over the years.

Our annual production has recently reached new heights, surpassing 100,000 bottles. Our vision is clear: quality above all, regardless of quantity. In 2020, our company was among the first Prosecco producers to obtain organic certification, while the Veganok label guarantees that the entire production process does not involve the use of substances and tools of animal origin.

An example of Italian savoir faire that appreciates life in every small detail.


Quality The uniqueness of our production is guaranteed by exclusive environmental factors. Our vineyards, located on hillsides, enjoy excellent sun exposure and persistent ventilation. The lean and clayey soil of Conegliano Valdobbiadene, one of the most suitable for Prosecco production, contributes to the maturation of a fruit of exceptional quality, whose aroma and flavor can be found in glasses raised for important toasts and convivial aperitifs.

Each sip of Prosecco Superiore evokes the unique atmosphere of golden vineyards kissed by the sun, the story of a land where life revolves around wine. In its effervescence, visions of quiet villages, farmhouses nestled among the rows, and cool cellars where one seeks refuge from the summer heat emerge. Prosecco Baldi embodies the soul of these places, the spirit of a Superior land.

This is Azienda Agricola Baldi. Passion for wine for 78 years.

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